Oasis Gigography (1991-4)

(Please note that this page is a work-in-progress).

18th August
The Boardwalk, Manchester. Supporting Sweet Jesus.

15th January 1992
The Boardwalk, Manchester. Supporting Sweet Jesus.

19th April 1992
Dartford Polytechnic Students Union, Kent. Supporting the Ya Yas.

20th April 1992
Hippodrome, Middleton. Supporting Revenge.

5th May 1992
Club 57, Oldham. Supporting the Ya Yas.

14th July 1992
The Boardwalk, Manchester. Headlining.

19th August 1992
The Boardwalk, Manchester. Support band.

13th September 1992
Venue, Manchester. Support band in The City Fringe.

22nd November 1992
The Boardwalk, Manchester. Supporting Molly Halfhead and the Cherries.

5th January 1993
The Boardwalk, Manchester. Supporting The Essence.

1st March 1993
Le Bateau, Liverpool. Headlining.

1st April 1993
The Krazyhouse, Liverpool. Headlining.

1st May 1993
The Boardwalk, Manchester. Headlining.

31st May 1993
King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut, Glasgow. Supporting 18 Wheeler.

1st June 1993
Manchester University, Manchester.

1st July 1993
The Boardwalk, Manchester. Headlining.

July 1993
Manchester university students union. Supporting Dodgy.

July 1993
Le Bateau, Liverpool. Headlining.

11th September 1993
The Duchess, Leeds. Support band.

14th September 1993
Canal Cafe Bar, Manchester. Creation bands night with 18 Wheeler, during In the City.

7th October 1993
Manchester University Students Union. Supporting Liz Phair.

14th October 1993
Manchester University Students Union. Supporting the Milltown Brothers.

27th October 1993
Keele University. Supporting the BMX Bandits.

28th October 1993
Sheffield University. Supporting the BMX Bandits.

1st November 1993
The Wherehouse, Derby. Supporting the BMX Bandits.

3rd November 1993
Wulfrun Hall, Wolverhampton. Supporting the BMX Bandits.

4th November 1993
The Powerhaus, London.

28th November 1993
The Leadmill, Sheffield. Supporting CNN.

1st December 1993
The Birmingham Institute. Supporting St Etienne.

2nd December 1993
The Plaza, Glasgow. Supporting St Etienne.

4th December 1993
Warwick University. Headlining.

8th December 1993
Wulfrun Hall, Wolverhampton. Supporting the Verve.

9th December 1993
Manchester University. Supporting the Verve.

10th December 1993
The Cat House, Glasgow. Supporting the Verve.

11th December 1993
The Mill, Preston. Supporting the Verve.

14th December 1993
The King’s Hall, Bradford. Supporting the Verve.

16th December 1993
Krazyhouse, Liverpool. Supporting the Real People.

27th January 1994
The Water Rats, London.

6th February 1994
Gleneagles Golf Club, Perthshire, Scotland.

23rd March 1994
The Angel, Bedford.

24th March 1994
The 100 Club, London.

26th March 1994
The Forum, Tunbridge Wells.

27th March 1994
Oxford Polytechnic, Oxford.

28th March 1994
The Jug of Ale, Birmingham.

29th March 1994
The Joiners, Southampton.

30th March 1994
The Fleece & Firkin, Bristol.

31st March 1994
Moles, Bath.

5th April 1994
Lucifer’s Mill, Dundee.

6th April 1994
La Belle Angel, Edinburgh.

7th April 1994
The Tramway, Glasgow.

8th April 1994
Middlesborough Arena, Middlesborough.

11th April 1994
The Wheatsheaf, Stoke.

12th April 1994
The Duchess, Leeds.

13th April 1994
The Lomax, Liverpool.

29th April 1994
The Adelphi Club, Hull.

30th April 1994
Coventry University, Coventry.

2nd May 1994
The Wedgewood Rooms, Portsmouth.

3rd May 1994
TJ’s, Newport.

4th May 1994
The Wherehouse, Derby.

6th May 1994
The Princess Charlotte, Leicester.

7th May 1994
The Old Trout, Windsor.

8th May 1994
The Roadmenders, Northampton.

10th May 1994
The Army and Navy, Chelmsford.

11th May 1994
The Boat Race, Cambridge.

13th May 1994
The Venue, London.

14th May 1994
The Leadmill, Sheffield.

1st June 1994
Edwards 8, Birmingham.

2nd June 1994
Cardiff University, Cardiff.

3rd June 1994
The Island, Ilford.

4th June 1994
The Royal Albert Hall, London.

6th June 1994
Norwich Arts Centre, Norwich.

9th June 1994
Manchester University, Manchester.

11th June 1994
The Avenham Park Festival, Preston.

12th June 1994
The Cathouse, Glasgow.

13th June 1994
The Cathouse, Glasgow.

16th June 1994
Erotika, Paris (France).

18th June 1994
The Brighton Centre (East Wing), Brighton.

26th June 1994
Glastonbury Festival, Somerset.

21st July 1994
Wetlands, New York (USA).

31st July 1994
T in the Park Festival, Hamilton.

9th August 1994
The Riverside, Newcastle.

10th August 1994
The Irish Centre, Leeds.

11th August 1994
Wulfrun Hall, Wolverhampton.

13th August 1994
Hultsfreds Festival, Hultsfred (Sweden).

15th August 1994
Rock City, Nottingham.

16th August 1994
The Forum, London.

18th August 1994
The Astoria, London.

28th August 1994
Lowlands Festival (Netherlands).

31st August 1994
The Tivoli, Buckley.

4th September 1994
The Limelight, Belfast.

5th September 1994
The Hacienda, Manchester.

8th September 1994
The Logo, Hamburg (Germany).

9th September 1994
The Arena, Amsterdam (Netherlands).

13th September 1994
Quattro, Tokyo (Japan).

14th September 1994
Quattro, Tokyo (Japan).

15th September 1994
Quattro, Tokyo (Japan).

16th September 1994
Quattro, Tokyo (Japan).

18th September 1994
Quattro, Osaka (Japan).

19th September 1994
Quattro, Nagoya (Japan).

23rd September 1994
Moe’s, Seattle, WA (USA).

24th September 1994
The Satyricon, Portland, OR (USA).

26th September 1994
Bottom of the Hill, San Fransisco, CA (USA).

27th September 1994
Melarky’s, Sacramento, CA (USA)

29th September 1994
The Whisky a Go Go, Los Angeles, CA (USA).

14th October 1994
The Uptown Bar, Minneapolis, MN (USA).

15th October 1994
The Metro, Chicago, IL (USA).

16th October 1994
St Andrew’s Hall, Detroit, MI (USA).

18th October 1994
The Grog Shop, Cleveland, OH (USA).

19th October 1994
Lee’s Palace, Toronto (Canada).

21st October 1994
Local 186, Allston, MA (USA).

22nd October 1994
The Met Cafe, Providence, RI (USA).

23rd October 1994
JC Dobbs, Philadelphia (USA).

26th October 1994
9:30 Club, Washington, DC (USA).

28th October 1994
Maxwell’s, Hoboken, NJ (USA).

29th October 1994
Wetlands, New York (USA).

4th November 1994
La Cigale, Paris (France).

5th November 1994
Transbordeur, Lyon (France).

6th November 1994
Theatre Du Moulin, Marseille (France).

16th November 1994
The Palladium, Stockholm (Sweden).

17th November 1994
The Cue Club, Gothenburg (Sweden).

18th November 1994
The Dairy, Lund (Sweden).

20th November 1994
The Loft, Belin (Germany).

21st November 1994
Markthalle, Hamburg (Germany).

23rd November 1994
Batchkapp, Frankfurt (Germany).

24th November 1994
Luxor, Cologne (Germany).

25th November 1994
Paradiso, Amsterdam (Netherlands).

27th November 1994
Zeche Carl, Essen (Germany).

28th November 1994
Botanieve, Brussells (Belgium).

30th November 1994
Southampton Guildhall, Southampton.

1st December 1994
The Octagon, Sheffield.

4th December 1994
The Corn Exchange, Cambridge.

7th December 1994
Barrowlands, Glasgow.

11th December 1994
Wolverhampton Civic Hall, Wolverhampton.

12th December 1994
The Astoria, Cardiff.

13th December 1994
The Hammersmith Palais, London.

17th December 1994
The Royal Court, Liverpool.

18th December 1994
Manchester Academy, Manchester.

27th December 1994
Barrowlands, Glasgow.

29th December 1994
The Brighton Centre (East Wing), Brighton.

30th December 1994
Middlesborough Town Hall, Middlesborough.

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