Don’t Believe the Truth Discography

Don’t Believe the Truth: a compact discography 

Lyla (RKIDSCD 29) 16th May 2005

[1] Lyla [2] Eyeball Tickler [3] Won’t Let You Down

Don’t Believe the Truth (RKIDCD 30) 30th May 2005

[1] Turn Up the Sun [2] Mucky Fingers [3] Lyla [4] Love Like a Bomb [5] The Importance of Being Idle [6] The Meaning of Soul [7] Guess God Thinks I’m Abel [8] Part of the Queue [9] Keep the Dream Alive [10] A Bell Will Ring [11] Let There Be Love

The Importance of Being Idle (RKIDSCD 31) 22nd August 2005

[1] The Importance of Being Idle [2] Pass Me Down the Wine [3] The Quiet Ones

Let There Be Love (RKIDSCD 32) 28th November 2005
[1] Let There Be Love [2] Sittin’ Here in Silence (On My Own) [3] Rock ‘n’ Roll Star (Live at City of Manchester Stadium, 2nd July 2005)