Nick Brine on engineering Morning Glory

In this two-part email Q&A for Oasis Recording Info, recording engineer Nick Brine recalls the recording sessions for (What’s the Story?) Morning Glory? and Be Here Now

Part 1: (What’s the Story) Morning Glory?

Was there a version of Don’t Look Back in Anger with Liam on vocals? Who played piano on the track? 
There was a version yes. It was a very big talking point as to who would sing the track. In the end Liam got Wonderwall and Noel took Don’t Look Back in Anger. As far as I remember it was Bonehead on piano duty!

What are your memories of the recording of the vinyl-only track Bonehead’s Bank Holiday? How far did Bonehead get recording vocals before Noel stepped in? 
Pretty hazy if I’m honest. I remember everyone in absolute stitches at Bonehead’s vocals. The whole build up was massive. Went on all day until the moment came. There were a lot of people in the live room for the background chatter. The whole of Monmouth I think. Bonehead was great the whole session.

Was an extended (13-minute) version of the song All Around the World recorded at the Morning Glory sessions? If so, can you say if this differed greatly in arrangement/production from the finished version? 
I don’t recall the extended version being recorded on the Morning Glory sessions, although I do remember Noel playing it to us all on acoustic in the control room saying “Here’s a track for album three” (already).

Do you recall anything about the unreleased song The Red, White, and Blue that was recorded in the Morning Glory sessions? 
No can’t recall it from those sessions.

Do you recall what microphones were used for Liam’s vocals? 
We used a Neumann U47 mainly in the drum room.  I think we also used an AKG 414 at times.

Were there demos for any of the Morning Glory songs other than Hello, Some Might Say, and She’s Electric? Did you hear either of the latter and how different were they to the finished versions? 
Most of the songs Noel just played to us on acoustic. There were demos, but I don’t remember them.

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(Interview by David Huggins. Answers © Nick Brine. Published on Oasis Recording Info, 2011).