Dig Out Your Soul Discography

Dig Out Your Soul: a compact discography

(All original UK CD releases by Big Brother Recordings, unless otherwise stated)

The Shock of the Lightning (RKIDSCD 52) 29th September 2008

[1] The Shock of the Lightning [2] Falling Down (Chemical Brothers remix)

Dig Out Your Soul (RKIDCD 51) 6th October 2008

[1] Bag It Up [2] The Turning [3] Waiting for the Rapture [4] The Shock of the Lightning [5] I’m Outta Time [6] (Get Off Your) High Horse Lady [7] Falling Down [8] To Be Where There’s Life [9] Ain’t Got Nothin’ [10] The Nature of Reality [11] Solider On

I’m Outta Time (RKIDSCD 55) 1st December 2008

[1] I’m Outta Time [2] I’m Outta Time (Twiggy Ramirez remix) [3] The Shock of the Lightning (Jagz Kooner remix)

Falling Down (RKIDSCD 56) 9th March 2009
[1] Falling Down [2] Those Swollen Hand Blues [3] Falling Down (The Gibb Mix) [4] Falling Down (The Prodigy version)