This site is for anyone interested in the production of Oasis’s classic albums, with an emphasis on Definitely Maybe(What’s the Story) Morning Glory? and Be Here Now. My thanks go to Oasis’s producer Owen Morris; to the recording engineers Anjali Dutt, Dave Scott, and Nick Brine for taking the time to provide detailed information on how these albums were recorded, mixed, and mastered; and to Tony and Chris Griffiths of The Real People for contributing their memories of producing the Oasis demo tape. Thanks are also due to the Real People’s management, for making the aforementioned interview possible and to Ruth Taylor of Sawmills Studios and to Lisa Ward of Rockfield Studios, whose kind assistance made several of the interviews on this site possible. Thanks to Terry R for his invaluable help in putting the site together. I hope you enjoy it!

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David J. Huggins, 18/10/2017