Standing on the Shoulder of Giants Discography

Standing on the Shoulder of Giants: a compact discography

(All original UK CD releases by Big Brother Recordings, unless otherwise stated)

Go Let it Out (RKIDSCD 001) 7th February 2000
[1] Go Let It Out [2] Let’s All Make Believe [3] (As Long as They’ve Got) Cigarettes in Hell

Standing on the Shoulder of Giants (RKIDCD 002) 28th February 2000
[1] Fuckin’ in the Bushes [2] Go Let it Out [3] Who Feels Love? [4] Put Yer Money Where Yer Mouth Is [5] Little James [6] Gas Panic [7] Where Did it All Go Wrong? [8] Sunday Morning Call [9] I Can See a Liar [10] Roll It Over

Who Feels Love? (RKIDSCD 003) 17th April 2000
[1] Who Feels Love? [2] One Way Road [3] Helter Skelter

Sunday Morning Call (RKIDSCD 004) 3rd July 2000
[1] Sunday Morning Call [2] Carry Us All [3] Full On