Oasis on the radio

On this page you will find a work-in-progress list of sessions Oasis recorded for UK radio from 1993 to 1994. The broadcast information on this page is quoted from contemporary editions of the NME, Melody Maker, Vox, and from Andrew Turner’s excellent Oasis FAQ page. Thanks to Joakim of the L4E Oasis forums for providing the information quoted below on the set list, recording, and broadcast date of the session the band recorded for Radio 5’s Hit the North in 1993.


BBC Radio 5. Hit the North. Recorded: 11th August 1993.
Engineers: Mark Coyle and Ian Eastwood
Broadcast: 17th September 1993
  1. Bring it on Down
  2. I Will Believe
  3. Digsy’s Dinner
  4. Cigarettes and Alcohol
  5. Rock ‘n’ Roll Star

The recording of I Will Believe from this session was later released as a b-side to the single of Supersonic, whilst the performance of Bring it on Down was included on the Shakermaker single.

Signal Radio, Cheshire. Broadcast: December 1993
  1. Slide Away (acoustic)
BBC Radio 1. The Evening Session. Recorded: not known
Broadcast: 22nd December 1993
  1. Cigarettes and Alcohol
  2. Shakermaker
  3. Bring it on Down
  4. Up in the Sky (acoustic)
  5. Supersonic (acoustic)
  6. Married with Children (acoustic)


BBC Greater London Radio. Out After Dark. Recorded: not known
Broadcast: 27th April 1994
  1. Supersonic
  2. Digsy’s Dinner
BBC Radio 1. The Mark Radcliffe Show.
Broadcast: 3rd May 1994.
  1. Supersonic
  2. Married with Children

(Acoustic session for Hit the North with Liam on vocals).

Signal Radio, Cheshire. Recorded: not known
Broadcast: 31st May 1994
  1. Live Forever (performed acoustically by Noel Gallagher and the Boo Radleys)
BBC Radio 1. The Evening Session. Recorded: not known
Broadcast: 7th June 1994
  1. Live Forever (acoustic)
  2. Shakermaker (acoustic)
  3. Sad Song (acoustic)
2FM Radio Ireland. Recorded: not known.

Broadcast: 24th August 1994
  1. Live Forever (acoustic)
  2. Slide Away (acoustic)
BBC Radio 1. The Evening Session. Recorded: 14th December 1994
Broadcast: 15th December 1994
  1. It’s Good to be Free (full band electric)
  2. Married with Children (full band electric)
  3. Sad Song (Noel solo acoustic)
  4. Talk Tonight (Noel solo acoustic)
  5. Whatever (full band with string section)
  6. I am the Walrus (full band with string section)

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