Album credits

(What’s The Story) Morning Glory?

[1] Hello (3.21)
[2] Roll With It (3.59)
[3] Wonderwall (4.18)
[4] Don’t Look Back in Anger (4.48)
[5] Hey Now! (5.41)
[6] [Untitled] (0.44)
[7] Some Might Say (5.29)
[8] Cast No Shadow (4.51)
[9] She’s Electric (3.40)
[10] Morning Glory (5.03)
[11] [Untitled] (0.39)
[12] Champagne Supernova (7.27)

The Band:
Liam Gallagher – Vocals
Noel Gallagher – Lead Guitar, Vocals, Mellotron, Piano & E Bow
Paul Arthurs – Rhythm Guitar, Mellotron & Piano
Paul McGuigan – The Bass Player
Alan White – Drums & Percussion

The Producers:
Owen Morris & Noel Gallagher
(Assistant studio engineer: Nick Brine).

The Places:
Loco Studios, Monmouth, South Wales
Rockfield Studios, Gwent, South Wales
Orinoco Studios, London, England

Paul Weller – Lead Guitar & Backing Vocals on Champagne Supernova

Thanx To:
Marcus Russell & all at Ignition.
Alan McGee, Johnny Hopkins, Christine Wanless & all at Creation.
The Abbots Tim & Chris (Your time is gonna come!)
The Keighley Cougars – Jason Rhodes & Roger Nowell.
Last but not least all our Mams.
Eternal respect to P.W. and P.H.
Cast No Shadow is dedicated to the genius of Richard Ashcroft.
Paul Weller appears courtesy of Go! Discs.
Thanx until next time…
Drums on Some Might Say by Tony McCarroll.
“Hello” exerpt taken from “Hello, Hello I’m back again” by Gary Glitter and Mike Leander. Published by MCA Music Ltd.

A microdot sleeve:
Designed & Directed by Brian Cannon
Assisted by Matthew Sankey
All Photography by Michael Spencer Jones & Starring Sean Rowley.