Be Here Now Discography

Be Here Now: a compact discography

(All original UK CD releases by Creation Records, unless otherwise stated)

D’You Know What I Mean? (CRESCD 256) 7th July 1997
[1] D’You Know What I Mean? [2] Stay Young [3] Angel Child (demo) [4] Heroes

Be Here Now (CRECD 219) 21st August 1997
[1] D’You Know What I Mean? [2] My Big Mouth [3] Magic Pie [4] Stand By Me [5] I Hope, I Think, I Know [6] The Girl in the Dirty Shirt [7] Fade In-Out [8] Don’t Go Away [9] Be Here Now [10] All Around the World [11] It’s Gettin’ Better (Man!!) [12] All Around the World (Reprise)

Stand By Me (CRESCD 278) 22nd September 1997
[1] Stand By Me [2] (I Got) The Fever [3] My Sister Lover [4] Going Nowhere

All Around the World (CRESCD 282) 12th January 1998
[1] All Around the World [2] The Fame [3] Flashbax [4] Street Fighting Man

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