Album credits

Be Here Now

[1] D’You Know What I Mean? (7.44)
[2] My Big Mouth (5.02)
[3] Magic Pie (7.19)
[4] Stand By Me (5.56)
[5] I Hope, I Think, I Know (4.22)
[6] The Girl in the Dirty Shirt (5.49)
[7] Fade In-Out (6.52)
[8] Don’t Go Away (4.48)
[9] Be Here Now (5.13)
[10] All Around the World (9.20)
[11] It’s Gettin’ Better (Man!!) (7.00)
[12] All Around the World (Reprise) (2.08)

Oasis is:
Liam – Vox
Noel – Guitar, Backing Vox
Bonehead – Guitar
Guigsy – The Bass
Whitey – The Drums and Percussion

All songs by Noel Gallagher
(Oasis Music / Creation Songs Ltd / Sony / ATV Music Publishing)

Produced by Owen Morris and Noel Gallagher
Strings arranged by Nick Ingman and Noel Gallagher
Recording engineer: Nick Brine
Mastered by Mike Marsh at The Exchange

Mike Rowe – Keyboards
Johnny Depp – Slide Guitar on Fade In-Out
Mark Coyle – Backwards bits on D’You Know What I Mean?
Mark Feltham – Harmonica on All Around the World

Recorded at Abbey Road, Ridge Farm, Air, Master Rock and Orinoco Studios, England between Nov 96 – April 97

A microdot sleeve:
Designed & Directed by Brian Cannon
Assisted by Matthew Sankey & Martin Catherall
Photography by Michael Spencer Jones
Collage Photography by Jill Furmanovsky

Marcus Russell and all at Ignition
Alan McGee and all at Creation Records
Mike Rowe (Bum notes and shit jokes)
Mark Coyle (Red nose and broken toes)
Phil Smith (Tea and biscuits)
Jason Rhodes (Would it have been the same? Would it fuck!)
Nick Brine (Shut it Taffy!)
Terry O’Neill (I love you)
Sorrel – Orinoco (Watch those stairs)
If we’ve forgotten anyone then you’re not important enough!!

This record is dedicated to the eternal memory of Delia Arthurs