The Recording Studios

Be Here Now

7th October 1996 – 16th November 1996
Abbey Road Studios, St Johns Wood, London NW8.

18th November – 17th December 1996
Ridge Farm Studios, Capel, Surrey.

10th – 17th January and 1st – 25th February 1997
Air Studios, Hampstead, London NW3.

26th February – 12th March 1997
Master Rock Studios, Kilburn, London NW6.

20th March – 30th April 1997
Orinoco Studios, Bermondsey, London SE1.

Mastered by Mike Marsh on 1st May 1997 at The Exchange Mastering Studio.

(Thanks to deadman of the L4E Oasis forum for providing the above info on the recording and mixing sessions; mastering info is cited from Jill Furmanovsky’s 1997 photo book Was There Then).

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